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Hello, I hope you are well.

You've been directed here, as I imagine you're wondering what in the f*ck is happening.


Exploring the ideas of lifespans and death of ourselves and the plastic we generate. 

I am wearing equal to the weight of 35.5kg in plastic on my body trailing behind me (Equal to the average amount of waste plastic generated by a UK citizen per year.)(1)

Using litter I generated, the waste plastic generated from my current job, and the litter I collect off the streets of Manchester. Using the Picture-Esque and distinguished look of Chester's high street, I intend to raise questions and thoughts on the 'out of sight out of mind' mentality we have developed for plastic, a visual example of the sheer amount of plastic we generate yearly with the amongst the hundreds of bodies that incorporate the space. Using myself to contrast the aesthetic city and public bodies, I will be grotesque and outlandish in appearance.

I will be looking into the dance of life and death of our short and biodegradable lifespan as contrasted by the plastic waste we generate, and the moral responsibilities we have when navigating the planet, whilst as organic bodies, when we die we decompose back to the earth, whilst the plastic we generate will linger for
450 years more.

Living in the consumerist world we exist in currently, where microplastics are found on the peaks of mountain tops (2), and on the bottom of the sea (3). Even in our bloodstreams, potentially eating up to a debit card's worth of microplastic (5), and found in the placenta of pregnant mothers (4). I want to question and suggest we may need to consider post-consumerism. I know not of the solutions, but can see the issues clear, on the floor, in nature, and in the sea.

I want to raise questions and further thoughts through obscurity, and public performance with inspiration from dadaism and surrealism.  Further taking influences from the works of Franko B, and ideas of spiritualism, daily rituals of litter picking, and embracing the madness of the world by mirroring such in performance.



I'd like to thank Calum, Henry, Maddie, Nic, Mark, and Fraser (Also 155, you know who yous are) for helping me on this project, to ensure I am not leaving any residue on the streets, documenting, and helping me not get hit by cars. 

This is a (Minimum) 9-month piece going through house moves, jobs, and post-pandemic uncertainties.

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