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Update #17: Photography on Micro Objects, Volunteering.

Hi Gang, it's #17, a considerably big number considering I would say I'm a boring git. We'll dive in and see how accurate that is shall we?


I bought a VHS player. I think there was the reasoning of nostalgia and I got a decent deal on some VHS cassettes of classic/ cult classic films. I find it interesting to look into the way that the coloring is on cassette and how it transforms the films we watched many times in full colour and quality. The quality almost aids itself to the time, almost blanketing the poor CGI to an extent. Robocop and Chicken Run especially aid themselves top this lower resolution, and will be the two films reviewed today.

I had a string of flowers blossom on the windowsill, fuck knows how it's there as nothing should be flowering, but nature finds a way I guess.

I got some bags of plastic waste from my work the other day, hopefully to use in a piece in the future as design, I think it'll provide a lot of interesting perspectives about human intervention, and how we as creatures are repurposed. When we die, we rot in the ground and provide nutrients to the creatures and soil for plants, or our organs are donated and saves another life, or we are ash scattered or submerged into the water giving back to the world after out passing on it. Single-Use plastics however have one existence, one life, and then when its purpose is done, it still remains, and doesn't bio-degrade for a very very very ling time, creating an ever-growing issue we see currently being over-looked by the global powers.

Not to mention it's causing fertility issues, babies being born with microplastic in them, and the pile of rubbish three times the size of France floating about in the ocean.

I've been quite busy in terms of work and other activities, which can get in the way of me doing stuff like painting, but luckily I got into a start of painting an

eye, I already see things I am not a fan of such as how hyper bright the orange is in the eye, but I can change that with a few washes, I think.

In time, I will be adding details such as lashes and eyebrow hairs, but I will be looking into finer more intricate brushes.

I checked out a local theatre company looking for lighting and sound engineers they wanted to train up, so I thought I'd have a nosey and see how it goes. So far it seems to be a really good opportunity with a lot of promise to provide me with more experience and learning for tech, as I really want to get rid of the rust that the past year has done to my acting, and tech skills when it comes to stage and sound engineering.

I had a interesting conversation with a few people there, and opened up for some hopefully new avenues for the group as well as myself. I remember a conversation about projects with an animator, talking about the harsh truth of keeping focus on one project before starting another, a thing I am notorious for doing; picking up and dropping my art projects with a long line of unfinished works gathering dust.

Embroidery on shirts

I have messed about with the ideas of t-shirt printing and embroidery, and when I have time I like to mess with the idea to check out what designs to embroider onto shirt and t shirts. I like the idea of obscure scenes from cult classic films and little doodles as my main focus when it comes to designs, hopefully in time I will have some I will share with you sometime.

I attempted some t-shirt prints earlier before, but the doodles I created I feel are more for quirky little stickers rather than a massive print on a sweater.

This is something I would consider more of a hobby, I like the idea of individuality in clothing and self expression, As well as the selfish idea of having clothing in which there is only one of.

Photography On Micro Objects as Models.

The other day, I took 3 knights and two plastic toy horses out on a walk around my village. I went out with the focus of using them as models in photography, and to capture the world from the micro perspective. I enjoyed exploring this process, It gave a new view on how I saw the ground beneath our feet and how using micro models magnifies the mundane, how thick grass can look like a overhanging canopy, a incline can be a mountain, or a dry stone wall as a ancient cave dwelling. I hope I can make more of these as some point, as I feel there is something incredible about it.

One of the other things is I find that the use of stone in these photos is quite effective, weather it fits with the colour scheme of the models or that they create a new acrid landscape to them, I find it more appealing than those in the grass.

When contrasting between landscape and photos like this, I'd say that it is quite interesting to look into how minute every detail is in both, whilst looking at how different the landscapes look in comparison.


The latest post on my creative Instagram @samcollingemedia, focuses on the contrasts and similarities in old footage and current, highlighting issues I have felt have become prominent in our society coming into light from 2020 onwards.

This was something I wanted to create as a video piece highlighting and looking into other ideas and issues,

including plastic and ocean pollution. I took interest into using older footage and clips such as videos and informational works in the 60's as well as nostalgia classics such as Aardmans creature comforts. Focusing on the contrasts between the almost naive sounding old footage compared to the horrors' of out of control factors of todays world.

I enjoy looking into the contrasts, mainly because I see it as a interesting take on human accomplishment, although we are technologically advanced, are we emotionally, physically and societally as advanced as we foresaw in earlier times such as the 60's?

Chicken Run - 9/10

Chicken run, Aardmans first full feature length film focusing on a chicken, Ginger, escaping 'the great escape style' out of a chicken coup with a bunch of others with the aid of a Rooster, Rocky. Capturing the Claymation charm that Aardman oozes with with excellent dialogue, animation and soundtrack, this film is enjoyable with for all people. Each character from the American swagger of Rocky to the ditzy mum vibe of Babs the hen, the characterization and expressions from the models are a treasure trove of character and presence.

I think personally that chicken r

un is an example of a film that should be seen by all at least once, as it is truly a magical experience that Aardman encompass with all of their Claymation. 9/10

Robocop - 7/10

Bet you didn't this coming did you?

Robocop, policeman dies, gets recreated as a law abiding super policeman, chaos ensures. What more can you want? with cheesy SFX, classic lines and awesome scenes of campy low budget action, this film is a joy to watch with people for a good time. I would argue it isn't a masterpiece, but it is an enjoyable film, and that's all it needs to be. 7/10

Floaty, laid back bass and drum lines, and a atmospheric ambience to boot, and a healthy dollop of reverb to float you along your day.

It's late I know, but so is the time, get

a good nights sleep, keep hydrated in this red hot summer and wake up hope you wake up fresh and recharged.



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