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First of Many: Fortnightly Updates.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I've decided to add a new addition to my website, in which I update on what I've been up to. As this is the first post, I would like to make it interesting and add a few things in which I have been checking out at the moment.

With currently being in full time work building Gaming PC's 5 days a week, it can be mind numbing. What I mean by that is that it is really, really, fucking mind numbing. With no space for creative input it is a bit of a brain melter. However, I still have upcoming plans in which I have been working on slowly but surely on on the weekends. Those currently are:

- Sort out a setlist for Open Mic nights/Song writing (3-5 songs minimum)

- Began the research and structuring process of 'WHO IS MORB: A study on Graffiti in 2020'

- Deciding/contacting essential people and companies for permissions for piece 'Big Brother is Watching'

I am also in discussion with my wonderful friend, songwriter and poet Alex Haymes to partake in her podcast 'The Young Creatives Podcast' (Link to Spotify here) to talk about the ideas of graffiti, live art and the commercialization of art and the hierarchy of art forms. Which will both help me further delve into writing my article, and figuring out the direction I would like to travel with it.

I will also be doing a feature to my blogs looking at a song of the fortnight and Art Piece of the fortnight, and explaining on why I like it.

This weeks AOTF: Crab on its Back by Vincent Van Gogh : This painting by Van Gogh has interested me mainly through the absurdity and mundanity of the piece. It's just a crab on it's back. That's it. It brings up the questions such as 'Why did he paint this?' 'What is the metaphorical symbolism of this piece?' or simply 'Why is the crab on it's back?'. Either way, its a painting of a crab on its back, what more could you want.

This weeks SOTF: Human Contact - Beans on Toast: Released May 2020 amidst the total lockdown in the UK, organically captures the attitude of missing human contact, live events and reconnecting with friends which we have lost physical contact with. Through currently living in a local lockdown in my area this song still resonates with a lot of people (Myself included) still to this day.

I'll keep this one short and sweet for today, thanks for reading and catch you in 2 weeks.

PS: If you are a graffiti artist/ know anyone who is, or have any sources which I will find useful or interesting, please contact me through my contact page for a natter.

- SC (04/10/20)

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