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Current Projects

MONKEY (2021) Fraser Chapman, Samuel Collinge. 

Live Art consisting of randomly selected characters and spaces.


Taking inspiration from the 'infinite Monkey Theorem', This piece, given an infinite amount of time will have completed every past, present and future written work in the English language, raising the questions of human limitation through reading and curating in a textual format.


What limitations does the text have for us as readers? Whilst what does finely crafted literature transform the stage in our mind? Playing with the ideas of the theme 'new ways of READING',

We invite the voyeur to read between lines and digest the non-visible information, and creative intent interweaved beyond the text itself.



We are developing ways to immortalize this project by making it durationally infinite, creating permanence. With the intention for this project to complete every possible work to be and ever be, it will transcend into an Omni-textual work. Whether this be online, streamed for further viewing, or left with a sustainable supply to completed offline are all things considered for future developments.

After taking part in the Reading club for this event, I took some focus into the idea of a piece of deconstructing norms of regular reading, looking more into the lack of words in an abundance of letters, looking into the emptiness weight behind unprocessable reading yet the potential it has for looking beyond face value. 

I contacted a friend asking if they could help with the programming of the idea of generating a program used for the exhibition.

"People appreciated your piece very much and thought it worked well as a continuing archive. Many commented that while they knew the infinite monkey theorem well, actually seeing it made them contemplate the infinitesimally small chance that even 50 words could be strung together and this led us to consider branching parallel universes and the littleness of now."

MONKEY (2021)
Monkey gif.gif


Looking into the ideology of life after death, and the immortality of plastic waste in connection with how much waste plastic we as a species/ individual generate.

This will be an Encounter performance piece in which I will walk a route in the UK city, Chester. 

I will make a piece which I can wear equal to the weight of 35.5kg of plastic (Equal to the average amount of waste plastic generated by a UK citizen per year.)

This came to me in the thought of how much plastic I was generating myself, the plastic waste generated from my current place of work in a retail stockroom, and the litter I collect off the streets of Manchester. Using the Picture-Esque and distinguished look of Chester's high street, I intend to raise questions and thoughts on the 'out of sight out of mind' mentality we have developed for plastic, a visual example of the sheer amount of plastic we generate yearly with the amongst the hundreds of bodies that incorporate the space. Using myself to contrast the pretty city I will be grotesque, and shoddy. 



Looking into Adobe animate, I wanted to try out the method of Rotoscoping, a famous example of this is the incredible music video of A-Ha's 'Take on me'  I wanted to try my hand at animation, as i've always had a soft spot for animation, such as Aardman claymation and Leeds Artist Lee HardCastle, and digital work such as the Netflix series Love Death and Robots. However rotoscoping always gave me an interest of reducing the 3D into 2D realm gives an original look that cannot be replicated.

As a test, I took a few video captures of the current game I was playing as a test, originally I was looking into providing myself with a video source I created, but as a test I used a clip of Skyrim, the protagonist casting a fire-bolt. This is the first 2 seconds (24 frames) of my test, beginning the transition of stylizing a transition of the character melting into a puddle to reemerge into its human form again.

The process of setting up took some time to get a hand of, but once I watched a few YouTube tutorials and got to work, it's a lengthy process hand drawing each frame, and the transition will be freehand. The overall frame amount for the video clip I created consisted of the character firing an arrow and using a staff totaling at over 3000 frames, so will be considering condensing the amount of frames I will be animating.

Skyrim animate.gif
Draft Test for music production.
In my sixth form course, I studied Logic Pro X and how to use it, in a studio that my sixth provided, however now back at home with mid-pandemic, I have looked into using Adobe audition. Although similar to Logic Pro X, it took a short amount of time to familiarize myself with the functions and layout of the application. For me personally, to discover how to use and work applications I take on a hands-on approach and start messing around to see what works, which is where my first test, featuring 4 tracks, a guitar, and a painting canvas as percussion. The issues I have come across from my test study is feedback and background noise, as you can hear in the piece, all 4 tracks contain background noise of my computer fans, which for testing is ok, but for professional production this will have to be amended.
Draft Test for Music Production
00:00 / 00:52


During lock-down in the UK, we were allocated a 1 hour walk outside as exercise, during my walk I noticed multiple tags of graffiti under the name MORB. This sparked myself an interest in finding out who the owner was of these tags, and too see why under that alias. This gave me a spark of intent into the world of graffiti and controversial art. Leading with the question: at what point is graffiti considered art or vandalism? Looking at the works of Banksy, a well known graffiti artist, some of his works have been considered works of art that should be protected, whilst other graffiti artists are considered vandals. Although this question appears to be a matter of preference it is a subject I would like to explore, and hopefully, find the artist (or culprit) who created the MORB tattoos of Chester's city center.

Currently with the most focus I will be working on gathering primary, secondary and original sources discussing the different focuses I have in plan for this article, focusing mainly on the article to to further develop the readers personal opinion on the subject matter. 

I would like to in time, as the topic is a very visually focused subject. to develop a short video essay on the matter, highlighting some of the pieces I have found with my article as commentary through the video.

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