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This archive is a collection of photos and works (Along with misc pieces and media)  mostly from before my studies at the University of Chester. The archive also includes a few drafts and tests that lead to projects. 


Performing in a production of 3 30 minute performances of Macbeth, Midsummer nights dream and Romeo and Juliet. 

I was cast as Banquo, I throughout enjoyed this role through the excellent directing of Mr Anderson and my fellow actors which I jelled exceptionally with. Some of the difficulties from this work was it was my first time performing with time sensitive makeup and scaffolding. Overall I would say this performance was a success and would be more than happy to perform with the people I shared the stage with.

Dungeons and Dragons

Home-brew Dungeons and Dragons Campaign- City in Ruins

Although not technically any performance, i believe their is performance aspects and creative outlets that can be seen in the task of Dungeon Master in the Role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. This was a home-brew campaign I made for my friends in a fantasy setting based in the heart of one of the players dwarf character in which their city has been overtaken by a doppleganger of the king and turned it from a once thriving and cultural mining city into a brutal dictatorship where profit came first. As dwarves in this world are prideful and stubborn, tension is bubbling and it is up to the party of adventures to expose the truth and decide the fate of the city in ruins.

I have always taken a interest into fantasy since I first watched the Lord of the Rings as a child. This is still true  as games such as Skyrim, Magic the Gathering and DnD contuine to explore styles and themes loosely connecting to the real world but with a much more embedded sense of wonder and the power to make an impact in the world in which is created together.

Uoc HR Clip

University of Chester, Human Resources Equality amongst staff clip

Created through the Work placement module at University, myself and Harrison were tasked with producing a video about the diversity and well-being services in place to keep the staff happy, healthy and productive. We had 4 weeks to produce this video, the first 2 weeks were creating our 'vision', scheduling interviews and gathering sources from the uni such as logos, animated title plates and people who participated. in the 3rd and 4th week we recorded, edited and polished the cip for the University to put on their website. This work helped me grow a further knowledge into the background work of film and video development, such as scheduling and going out to gather film and clips for use, along with the difficulties with that for example background noises and traveling to locations.

Marilyn the Musical

Marilyn the Musical

Produced and directed by one of the students at Alder Grange, I participated in performing this musical as the camp 'Yes man' Rodger, who obeyed the movie star business CEO, this tested me and improved my choreography, singing and dancing skills.  It also helped me realize as a performer I excel at sidekick/ partner duo roles in which I can bounce off the other actor and help us both set the emotion tone and energy of the piece. 

As well, unintentionally this performance helped boost my skill of improvising through throwing myself and a fellow actor in the deep end. There was a wardrobe malfunction backstage which left myself and the other actor to think on the spot and improvise a quick 2 minute scene in front of the audience.

timeless mar.jpg
New clipping mar.jpg

Twisted Ryhmes/Discovery on the Tracks/Face It - Cottonshed theatre

Cottonshed theatre company was the first performance group I performed in. Cottonshed is an all inclusive company which incorporated everyone into their custom performances regardless as they are all inclusive. The first performance I did with them was 'Face It' in which I was a ensemble member, this first helped boost my confidence and start my acting career. 

The second performance was in was about the East Lancashire Railway to help spread awareness and the history of it. This was my first performance role as a main character in which I played an old man/ young solider who used the railway and life has revolved around it's uses and history. 

The first performance was a pantomime called 'Twisted rhymes' in which I played a camp Jack from Jack and Jill, further training me and flourishing my skill of participating in a comedic duo performance, which would further leave me to have the confidence to performance in the 'Little Red Riding Hood' performance at Bacup Roylal Court Theatre

Cottonshed Productions

Little Red Riding Hood - Bacup Royal Court Theatre

Made for a Christmas pantomime at my local theatre. Myself and a brilliant cast of performers put on our rendition of little red riding hood. This was my first 'big stage' performance as a main character. It was an experience in which you learn not to take yourself seriously and enjoy yourself on the stage, as it's rare you have a performance in which you can really mess around and it still be professional. 

Little Red Riding Hood Pantomine
Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages- X rays theatre company

I took part in a Noda award winning performance of 'Rock of Ages' which is one of the best jukebox musicals for a song list in my opinion. Although Musical theatre isn't my favorite type of theatre, it was still an absolute pleasure to perform with such talented singers and how they managed to pull everyone no matter at what skill to a professional standard for a group that run the company as a side hobby.


Downtime- Pod Productions

As part of the 72 hour film project for my friend who went to the University of York. This was my first time performing in front of camera which proved to be a lot more difficult to snap out of over expressive and more natural movement and facial expressions than I anticipated. Although I would say this was not my most professional performances I have done, it serves as an excellent base-plate and lesson to learn to further explore the intricacy of on screen performance.

DownTime Pod Productions

Rain- Spoken Word + Music

This is a piece which was made for the monthly challenge in a creative group I am with. This was focused on creating a atmospheric backing track for some spoken word about the rain.

This is part of a monthly challenge where we are given a prompt to work with and see what we can make creatively. This months was 'rain' so decided to describe the love hate relationship I have with that type of weather.


This also provided me with the opportunity to create something musically that would accompany the words. I did this through having the guitar and synth bells to come arrive late and dissipate at the end, conveying the movement of the raincloud above passing, 

Rain- Spoken Word
00:00 / 01:30

Long Exposure Drawing

I enjoy creating things, but drawing is one of my weaknesses when it comes to artistic application to a project. However that does not stop me exploring a variety of ways to draw, one of my favorite aesthetics of drawing alongside sketching, is long exposure drawing.

Running with the theme of time and permanence in art, it is interesting to look into long exposure drawing, as their is no physical drawing that exists when you have finished, and only comes together at the end to somewhat unexpected outcomes. Through this study I looked into light drawing a started to take an interest into space and scenery, as seen there are multiple attempts of drawing a starry night over some hills, slowly devolving into a project in which I create the all the star formations that can be seen in the clear night in the UK. 

The process of mastering this art feels like a matter of truly devoting and practicing the nature of long exposure drawing and having a heavy visualization mentally on where in the space has been drawn on and positioning sketches to leave enough room to prevent overlapping.

Long Exposure
Live Art Performance 

(This project was shelved as of 2021 until I can gain further support from councils, as it became logistically too difficult to perform and achive in this current time.)

Performing a live art piece 'Big Brother is watching'. Influenced by reading George Orwells '1984', Tehching Hsieh's 'One Year Piece 1980-1981' and GPS and Strava artists, I will be walking a route in Manchester loosely resembling the shape of en eye. I will be taking a photo of each CCTV camera I see during the walk, to print the images and assemble them in the shape of an eye on a exhibition wall, with a second eye of the photos retrieved from the CCTV camera I took the photo on. I am intending to create an atmosphere in the piece of questioning the nature of current society's obsession with hyper surveillance and question to need for so much, as the UK is among one of the top countries for CCTV surveillance. Which raises the question of with how many cameras we have watching us at all time, is privacy slowly descending into a thing of the past? and where is the line of it being too much?

I question a lot on this matter as most companies use our smart phones and our willingness to give our information away freely to companies to use against us whether that be advertising or controlling what we can and can't see on those websites from the shadows, a few times we have peaked into the veil of the power these companies wield for example a paid script in american news channels for Amazon. With this piece I hopefully will be not only bringing to light some of the themes and opinions I have, as well as a catalyst for the audience participant to think about how it affects their own life and to be more wary on what is seen beyond face value. 
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