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Samuel Collinge

Performance Artist. Photographer. Thespian. Theatre Company Director. Jack of all trades, master of none. 

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Born in Burnley, Graduated from the University of Chester with a high 2:1 in Drama and Theatre. Focusing on Performance Art, Theatre, and Photography. 

I focus on the intricacy and transient nature of performance art, the absurdity of the Dadaist movement, and then over to the bones of performance rigging lights and

show cue systems. I am a motherfucker for not staying in one lane of practice. 

Through studying at the University of Chester some of the influences of Seb Mckinnon, Franko B, Tehching Hsieh, Hugo Ball, George Orwell, Niklas Rådström, Meisner, Peter Brook, and Martin McDonagh to name a few, can be seen bleeding into my work as inspirations in the creative input into the art and performances I create/devise.

"That guy who wore tons of plastic and walked about"- A quote I made up, about PRESENT//FUTURE

In my personal life, I make short shitty films, mooch about and explore new art forms. 



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